The Cabra Philosophy

Cabra Ventura is a Belgian off-road travel organisation for enduro riders, by enduro riders. We love to travel and rode our bikes all around the world. Now we’ve come to a point where we want to share our passion and experiences with other people.

Portugal is the place we’ve always have come back to between our other travels. So to us it just felt natural to use this beautiful and very diverse country as a base for our trips. It’s also closer to Morocco where we will organise trips in 2023.

Our goal is to give people an experience that is unique, feels adventurous and doesn’t feel like anything organised. We want to let you immerse into the local culture, and always work together with local restaurants, bars and guides.

We really feel ourselves obliged to give a trip that extra factor which people just can’t duplicate on their own. For example, sometimes we opt for a two day adventure to the highest mountain in the area or go across the mountain range and spent two nights there. Just because only riding loops didn’t feel special enough to us. Sometimes we also go and visit a local bar from a friend in the evening, we go out and eat the special local meat you can only get in a certain small restaurant, we start a big bon fire on the camping ground in the evening or just throw a party before we have a rest day. One thing is for sure, it won’t be boring!

We’ve been guiding and organising trips for multiple years now and we want to emphasize that we always take quality over quantity. By creating a good and laid back atmosphere we notice that customers are less stressed and the group spirit is up. We want everybody to have a really good time and go home with a unique experience and not with broken bones. No ego’s, just chillness and fun!

Why Cabra Ventura?

In Portugal enduro riders are often compared to mountains goats. Especially by us and other foreign riders. They just keep on jumping those rocks and boulders like goats do. So we thought it would be cool to use a goat in our logo. As for the name, a goat is called uma cabra in Portuguese. So there we go, that’s how Cabra Ventura was born! And of course goats just rock!

Our goals

Organising enduro trips all around the globe. From Portugal, to Morocco, South Africa, maybe someday we will take you to Mongolia or visit our enduro friends in Almaty. The sky is the limit so if you have original ideas for a next enduro trip, just hit us up!

In the meantime we will be still travelling on our own, scouting for the next big enduro adventure. And not least, we want to start riding Rally Raid so by booking a trip with Cabra Ventura, you will be supporting us!

The Cabra staff - Dedicated, adventurous people


Tour Guide and organizer of the tours

Some people call him floaty, but we all know that everything starts with a dream!


Tour Guide and logistics

Best all-round guy you could wish for! Knows the answer to every question in the universe.



Photographer, videos, site. We couldn’t have had a better addition to the team than Dieter. He completes us in every way we suck!